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A Willingness To Delay Gratification and Follow A Proven Approach To Superior Results, Led These Sellers To An Extra $30,000 in Gross Profit.


A while back, I got an email out of the blue from Kelly:

"Hi Ryan — I’m reaching out because I recall that you live north. I have a client/friend who is looking to sell her home in Georgetown and move closer to Central Austin. She asked me to recommend someone for them to work with. You immediately came to mind. Would you be interested?"

It’s not necessarily the kind of email that you’d expect to receive from another Realtor® who is licensed in the same marketplace. That said, having worked with Kelly before, it occurs to me that she’s the type of Realtor, who puts others first.

If she felt I was the right person to help her friends, sell their home, who was I to argue? I suspected Ashley and Clint would be cut from the same cloth and I was right. From the moment I met them I could tell they were genuine, through and through.


Ashley and Clint purchased their home in Georgetown, five years prior, with the thought of inching closer to Clint’s work, in Temple. Not long after moving in though, they made the decision to move their daughter to a private school in central Austin.

Thus, what was supposed to have been a location of convenience quickly turned into a daily burden. Ashley had been making the commute, into central Austin, for close to five years. She was officially worn down.

Otherwise, they loved the home. A beautiful, custom-built two story on a one-acre lot, backing up to the banks of the “Middle Fork” San Gabriel River. With expansive views of ranch land behind the home, you almost felt like you were living in a private hill country resort.

By the time we met, it was already the first week in November. We discussed the possibility of hustling hard to get the house on the market before Thanksgiving. The idea of settling into a new home before the start of the spring semester was appealing. If Ashley and Clint had their way, they would’ve moved yesterday.

That was a possibility. We could throw the listing out there, let it ride through the end of the year, and just “see what happened.” That being said, in our experience, “seeing what happens” is not an approach we ever want our clients to have to 'bank on.' 

Initial neighborhood research proved as much. Many active listings had lingered on the market for months. Their owners had “seen what happens” when you fail to follow a proven approach to achieving maximum value.

It’s a predictable storyline. Some real estate agents spend all of their energy pressuring the homeowner into signing a listing agreement on the spot. Every day without a sign in the front yard is a wasted opportunity, right?

At Three Pillars Realty, we don’t buy that line of thinking. Rather, we’re concerned with investing our time to provide our clients with the strategies that guarantee that their homes are ‘best in class.’ The profitability game is often won or lost before the sign hits the front yard.


Ashley and Clint had an important decision to make.

Option #1 —Push the gas pedal. Get the home polished up and ready to sell quickly. In less than three week’s time, they’d move out, do all of the prep work, find a short term rental and store their furniture. It would definitely solve the headache of the daily commute but their lives would be abruptly uprooted in the process.

Option #2 — Step back and take a breather. Stick to the original plan. List the home after Spring Break. Wait until the landscape was green and the market started to heat up. Of course, that would mean withstanding another 3-4 for months of the same daily grind. But it would also allow us to go through our proven value-driven protocol, to engineer a superior result.


After careful deliberation, Ashley and Clint chose Option #2. Yes, option two would require more work and more patience. Maybe even some temporary pain. But the more I got to know Ashley and Clint, the more I appreciated their resolve. Like all of our most successful clients, Ashley and Clint decided to take the long cut. They invested into the process of achieving their end goal.

The result? Early April, when we put the house on the market, we went big. We listed their home at the second highest price ever, for a home of that size. To give a little perspective, at the time of listing, the home two doors down (same general size) was already listed, at almost $100,000 LESS than Clint and Ashley’s.

We activated the listing on a Thursday. The first offer came in on Saturday. Another on Sunday evening. Then again, on Monday morning. With news of each new competing offer, buyers scrambled to figure out how to sweeten the pot, to edge out the rest of the field.

By the time the dust settled, Ashley and Clint’s hard work, faith and persistence resulted in a cash offer at nearly $20,000 over our already ambitious list price.

More than that, the eventual buyer wrote a letter about how she had poured over every listing in Georgetown for more than a year. She was just about to give up, when FINALLY … 213 Overlook Court “blew her away.”

How does that happen? 

How does a homeowner engineer such dramatic differentiation in the marketplace?

Well, our “Value-Driven Approach” is geared toward answering those exact questions, for our clients. It starts with our philosophy of eliminating fundamental listing mistakes. Controlling the “controllables.” Covering your ‘buts’ and removing the obvious objections that keep homebuyers from making strong, profitable offers.

From there, we work with the homeowner to identify the strategic opportunities to enhance the perceived value of the property. In this case, we diagnosed five important things for Ashley and Clint to address, prior to listing. Five opportunities that when all was said and done, led to at least an additional $25-35,000 in profit.

Here’s the truth … Most homeowners hope for a profitable outcome but too often, many are not willing to do the work required to ensure that “hope” becomes a reality. It’s the willingness to do so that sets our clients and their results apart from the average homeowner.


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