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"Just Tell Us What We Need to Do to Get The House."
 – The homebuyer’s reaction … as re-told to me by their Buyer’s Agent. 
As soon as I leave here, I’m going straight to Home Depot to buy about a ton and a half of lumber. That’s what Chris told me as we were standing in the hall about to drop our daughter's off to the same pre-school class. 

A couple months before, my wife, Kristin, and I had been invited over for dinner to discuss the possibility of helping Chris and his wife, Heidi, sell their home in Cedar Park. They planned on moving back to Minnesota, to be closer to family.

As plans firmed up, the three of us met again to discuss the process and timing. They told me that they wanted to get the house ‘on the market’ by the second or third week in April, in order to accelerate their home search up north, by early May.

We laid out the benchmarks for unlocking the home’s potential and thus, maximizing the perceived value.

The first step is always the diagnosis. We started with a home staging consultation, followed up by assessing repair work and gathering bids for minor improvements. From there we move toward doing the essential work, to capitalize on opportunity. Then, of course, comes an impressive set of professional photos to help tell the home’s ‘story.’ And so on and so forth. 

It’s a process.

We say it all the time because it's absolutely true. Maximum value doesn’t ‘just happen,’ it must be purposefully engineered every step of the way.

Maximum value doesn’t ‘just happen,’ it must be purposefully engineered every step of the way.

Three to four weeks is usually enough time to check all of the boxes but, then again, the dominoes have to fall in the right order. There are no short cuts.

Following the walkthrough with our staging team, Chris and Heidi’s punch-list continued to lengthen. I watched as the wheels began to turn and their eyes started to gloss over, just a little bit. I’m sure they were thinking to themselves, “What the heck did we sign up for here? 

And that’s natural. 

We see homeowners go through the same progression every time.

Truthfully, it can be a bit overwhelming. That is why one of the primary roles we play in "the process" is that of silent conductor. Tasked with making sure that the orchestra is focused on hitting the high notes, rather than getting bogged down by the non-essential details.

Chris and Heidi were fully capable of rising to the occasion, but the clock was ticking. We needed to hit the ground running, if we were going to meet our objectives.

With that in mind, you can appreciate my apprehension when Chris mentioned to me that he’d decided to shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding both sets of backyard patio staircases – from scratch. In addition to patching and painting some ceiling drywall. In addition to washing all of the windows. In addition to making irrigation repairs.

You get the picture. The list was 6 or 7 deep. These are the types of projects that we normally recommend sellers contract out, for the sake of speed and efficiency. 

The plot continued to thicken when I found out that he was also leaving town, on business, for the entire week leading up to our projected list date.

All I could do was give my nod of respect and wish him well. 

I can appreciate a man on a mission. 
But I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t have doubts that it’d all get done in such a compressed window of time. I figured, at minimum, I’d receive a call to delay the photo shoot by one week.

Then Ping! 

Mid-day Friday, a little over a week later, an email came through from Heidi that read, “Remind me what time the photographer is coming on Monday?”

“Wait a minute, what . . . Seriously?” 

That was my immediate reaction. I picked up the phone and called her right back. “Are you sure you are going to be ready?

Sunday night rolled around and at 8pm my phone chirped, this time a text from Heidi saying, “Chris finished the work on the patio stairs 30 minutes before he had to leave for his plane! We’ll be ready for photos.” 

Bravo Chris!

It’s always fun for me to walk into the house right before the photography session. You’ve seen the TV shows where they shoo the owners out of the house for a weekend and have them come back for the ‘Big Reveal.’ In a way, even though I’ve already seen the house on numerous occasions beforehand, it feels like I’m walking into the ‘Big Reveal,’ myself.

I know that the house is never going to look better than it does on photo day. Our clients respect the fact that the listing photos are our chance to make the BEST first impression. They prepare accordingly. 

This was no exception. Big kudos to Heidi and Chris because I know they busted their tails to get everything done in time. The heavy lifting was mostly done.

We listed the house late Thursday and by Sunday evening, we had three strong offers in hand. 

We listed the house late Thursday and by Sunday evening, we had three strong offers in hand.

Believe it or not, we actually turned down a cash offer, over asking price, with plenty of flexibility. Because the winning bidder, the now ‘proud new owner,’ came to the table with an offer that was simply too good to pass up. In fact, their Realtor later shared with me that they’d directed him to write the offer in a manner in which it could not be beaten.

“Just tell us what we need to do to get this house.” 

Those were the buyers’ exact words, to their Realtor, as he retold them to me after the fact.

I’m sure I don’t have to work very hard to convince you of the fact that when buyers are willing to bend over backward to become the next owner, the seller wields quite a bit of leverage. In addition to attractive financial terms, the winning offer included generous seller lease-back terms, allowing Heidi & Chris to take their time making important decisions about where they would settle, in Minnesota.

I’d call that a win-win, in just about any book.    

Stories, like this one, have become fairly commonplace for homeowners who go ‘all-in’ in their commitment to executing our approach.

Stories, like this one, have become fairly commonplace for homeowners who go ‘all-in’ in their commitment to executing our approach.

When educated homeowners steer away from the inferior price-driven approach and adopt our methodologies, good things have proven to happen.

Most agents are fixated on what the house down the street sold for, rather than maximizing the perceived value of your home. We’ve decided to flip the script. We’ve taken to intense study of the world’s greatest financial minds and innovators outside of the real estate industry.

Through the application of a core set of principles – by treating the home like a business with a stock price rather than a commodity with a sale price – we’ve determined there are unique ways to extract additional (sometimes hidden) profits from any home on the market.

In some cases, our most committed clients have seen the value of their home sale increased by as much as $20,000-$30,000.

That is a bold statement to make. It sounds like hyperbole. We would tend to agree with you IF the approach was not well documented. IF the methodology was untested. IF the claims were not, in fact, grounded in case study after case study after case study. Facts not fiction.

From an outsider’s perspective, what seems like a spell of wizardry is actually quite systematic and predictable. Homeowners that use this approach are banking bigger profits and standing atop a much stronger foundation when selling their property. They are well armed with the knowledge needed to detect and protect their profit margin. They know the right questions to ask, exactly where to look and what to listen for.


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