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A story of a client who executed our gameplan brilliantly, ran into some bumps in the road and maintained her smile throughout. 

At the closing table, our client Rebecca paused mid-signature, exhaled, looked around and remarked, “Gosh, this buying and selling a home is a lot of work ...”

We originally started the process in February. We ended up listing her house the first week in April. Within 24 hours, it was already under contract. A brief moment of exhilaration, due in large part to Rebecca’s dedication to our approach. 

Within 24 hours, we were under contract. A brief moment of exhilaration, due in large part to Rebecca’s dedication to our approach.

Rebecca's determination and resolve was steadfast. She spent 2 weeks, moving herself back into the house because as she told us, “It’s important to give buyers the feeling that someone is living there.” We could not agree more. Helping buyers tell their own story about what it feels like to live in the home is the crux of what our approach to selling real estate is all about.

Rebecca’s is the type of dedication we marvel at. The willingness to go out of her way to move back into the house, just to get it sold, was a veteran move.

A couple mornings after she was officially “moved in,” our staging team spent almost two hours preparing the house ahead of the professional photo shoot. Then, as is routine, we arrived at the house well in advance of the photographer, with fresh fruit and fresh flowers. 

Photo day is game day and there was work yet to be done. 

For the better part of the morning, we scurried around the property, fussing over the details. Making sure everything looked ‘just so.’ Rebecca had done her part to bring the house to life and we weren't about to drop the ball. 

After all, there are no penalties for doing ‘a little extra.’

From day one, Rebecca told us that speed of sale was a priority for her and thus we formulated our strategy accordingly. Then she executed the game plan brilliantly.

Most homeowners, our my experience, hope for a pleasant and profitable home sale. But too often that’s where it ends. Most are not willing to do the required legwork to ensure that their “hope” becomes a reality. It’s the willingness to do so, that sets our clients and their results, apart from the results of the average home seller.

Unfortunately, quick contracts don’t always foretell smooth closings. 

Less than a week after the ink was dry on our contract, the buyer’s inspection turned up a laundry list of issues. Roof decking and shingles were in need of replacement. The fireplace and chimney were cracked. Windows were shot.

Some of these things we’d anticipated, others were virtual blindsides.

A few days after we came to an agreement on repairs, a call came in from the buyer’s agent. Overnight, the buyer endured a sudden and tragic family loss. He’d likely be out of touch for up to two weeks. Grieving. Understandably. 

Once again we found ourselves in limbo. Waiting. Fingers crossed. All the while, Rebecca was under contract to buy a new home elsewhere. That contract contingent upon this sale. Tense and taxing, to say the least.

“. . . Every day it was something new,” she remarked at closing, “I mean Thank God I wasn’t working. This was a full time job.”

A wry smile creasing her face.

Through all of the ups and downs — the entire emotional rollercoaster — we were inspired by Rebecca’s patience and upbeat attitude. Every single text message from her, punctuated with the power of positivity.

A lot of people assume that once the house is listed or better yet, under contract, the heavy lifting is done. It’s smooth sailing. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you are dealing with mounds of paperwork and contingent deadlines. When you are dealing with lenders and inspectors, appraisers and underwriters, roofers and septic systems, surveyors and title companies … it’s not uncommon for fires to start popping up left and right.

Buying and selling at the same time?

Go ahead and multiply the potential combustion by two.

This is where, over the past decade of working with buyers and sellers, we've conditioned ourselves to remain emotionally grounded. We coach our clients to take that approach as well. And yet, at the same time, much like someone who fights fires for a living, you have to remember that it’s people’s lives and livelihood that you are called to protect.

Yesterday morning we received what will likely be my final text from Rebecca:

“Thank you for all of your amazing help with selling the Lakeway home! I truly appreciate everything that you have done. — Rebecca :)”

Once again punctuated by positivity. And at the end of the day, we suppose a smiling home seller is all that matters. We are grateful to Rebecca for trusting us to get the job done.


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"Ryan listed my property on the MLS on a Wednesday morning. By noon the next day, my dilemma was deciding which over-asking price offer I was going to accept. That was a fun problem. I know I’ll never have to stress about real estate in Austin, Texas because Ryan France is on the mound!"
Lauren Neil-Jeffrey
"Ryan was the perfect Realtor for us. His advice on staging our vacant house was the most important reason it sold quickly. The sale of our home was a pretty complicated process. Ryan’s patience, honesty and straight-forward attitude were key in seeing this complex processes through."
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"Once my house sold (above asking), I got a call from Ryan asking if I had a favorite charity for which he could make a donation to commemorate the sale. I was slightly taken aback ... then I realized that I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Not only is Ryan a good Realtor, he’s an even better human being."
Dale Blandin
"Ryan displayed complete professionalism and was always prepared. His skill at marketing was superb! The house was under contract within a week of listing! He knew where to focus efforts for the best results and he is very detail-oriented. I highly recommend him."
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professional. You will be in good hands."
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"Ryan had our house under contract in less than 48 hours, with 6 offers. Many of the Realtors commented on how the house was “staged and priced perfectly” thanks to Ryan’s advice. Ryan was extremely easy to communicate with and made the process of selling of our house as easy as possible."
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