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When It Comes To Selling Your Home, The Biggest Investment You Make Is Who You Choose To Trust

As a homeowner, you are making a significant investment of trust into the agent (and team) you choose to work with. Success in real estate transactions often comes down to choices. Smart homeowners understand the value of placing their trust in a more sophisticated approach. In doing so, the results take care of themselves.


The first contact I had with Andrea and Scott was an email that popped into my inbox.

Subject Line: Need A Realtor

It read, “My husband I are looking for a new Realtor and you come highly recommended by Stephen and Randy. We are looking to buy a house and then after moving, selling our condo. We would love to meet you if you are interested in helping us.”

Notice her email said “new” Realtor. Unfortunately, as I later found out, the agent they’d been working with sold them short on not one, not two, but THREE other properties they’d hoped to purchase. As a result, they were worn out. 

They felt burned. Their trust betrayed.

It’s not their fault though. You’d be amazed at some of the stories that I hear, from clients, about their past experiences. It’s no wonder Gallup Polls show that 80% of consumers don’t trust real estate agents!


We scheduled a time, the following week, to meet at their condo. Andrea told me they were “in no rush.”

But then … just a day or two later I got a voicemail. “Ryan, I think we found the home we want to buy. Scott and I went out there this weekend. We need to put a deposit down on it by 5pm tonight and get the condo on the market pretty quickly. Call me back.”

What? Deposit, already?

What happened to “being in no rush.”

When I called back, the picture started to get a little clearer. It was the last home being built in that section of the subdivision. Close out pricing. There was “another buyer out there who wanted it.”

Come to find out, after talking to Scott and Andrea, they’d planned on finalizing the new construction deal without the help of Realtor. They assumed it made no difference. Many buyers, purchasing new construction for the first time don’t know any differently.

“Hang tight,” I cautioned. “I’ll clear some things from my schedule this afternoon. I’ll go out there to check it out and report back.” I wanted to make sure that the “urgency” of the deal was in fact legit and that they weren’t being fed a line by the onsite sales agent. It’s been known to happen.

After meeting with the builder’s rep for almost two hours, I called Scott back. “Looks like a solid deal to me. I set an appointment for us to meet back out here tomorrow afternoon, to review the contracts.”


Since the purchase decision had pretty much been made, the question then became, what to do about the condo? And more importantly, when?

Typically the situation works in reverse. Since, at Three Pillars Realty, we take an investment approach to serving our clients, and their listings, most often we meet at their property first. From there, we walk through our “phases of engineering maximum profit,”  from Discovery to Opportunity to Execution and final Delivery.

Then, once there is a collective certainty around what needs to be done to maximize Return On Investment (ROI), from the property sale, we turn our attention to the purchase. 

The next domino to fall.

In this case though, we didn’t have that luxury.

Mind you, at this point in the story, I still hadn’t met Andrea and Scott face to face. In fact, the first time we shook hands, was right before we sat down to review the new construction contract.

That’s the beauty of transference of trust. 

Stephen and Randy, between the two of them have referred dozens of their colleagues and friends our way. As such, we were able to develop rapport much quicker.

Later that week, when we sat down at the kitchen table to piece together their condo sale I asked, “Tell me what’s most important to you in a working relationship?”

I glanced over at Scott. He looked blindsided. Scott is a man of MANY words and so his silence, to me, was puzzling. “No Realtor has ever asked us that before,” he confessed.

Head scratcher. In my book, that’s the only place to start. Expectations unset are pretty tough to be met. I walked out of there, that night, with a new appreciation for what Scott and Andrea had recently been through (with their “old” agent). I resolved to make sure our experience together was nothing of the sort.


From there though, the path forward was pretty simple.

Step One: Execute The Approach.
Step Two: Manage The Process
Step Three: Engineer The Result

At the time of listing, early September, there were something like 4–5 condos for sale and another half dozen for lease, in the complex. Inventory was a bit stagnant but less than two weeks later we generated a full cash offer.

A cash offer with a buyer who waived inspection and a timeline that allowed Scott and Andrea enough flexibility to get out of the condo and into the new home without weeks of overlap. 


The best part of if though … when I went to pick up the ‘For Sale’ sign from in front of Scott and Andrea’s condo, all I had to do was move it two doors down.

During the process, of selling the condo, Scott introduced me to his neighbor and colleague, Laura, who was about to go through the exact same situation (minus the ex-Realtor drama).

We listed Laura’s condo not long after and sold it for  full price on the first weekend. That’s a different story for a different day but it just goes to show you that once you know where to look and what to watch and listen for, the rest of it is just common sense.

It all boils down to the fact that, as the homeowner, you are making a significant investment of trust into the agent you choose to work with. Success in real estate, as in life, often comes down to choices.

Smart homeowners understand the value of trusting a more sophisticated approach. In doing so, the results almost naturally take care of themselves.

Here’s the truth … Most homeowners hope for a profitable outcome but too often, many are not willing to do the work required to ensure that “hope” becomes a reality. It’s the willingness to do so that sets our clients and their results apart from the average homeowner.


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